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Theatre Program

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Mission / Purpose

The purpose of the LMMS Theatre Program is to introduce middle school students to the world of theatre. Our goal is to make available opportunities to participate in as many aspects of the world of theatre as possible. Two productions are put on each year: a comedy in the fall and a musical in the spring. All students are welcome and encouraged to either audition for an on-stage role or to apply for a position backstage. The play in the fall involves a smaller group, and provides a more intimate setting for all involved to learn more about the history, theory, and terminology of theatre. The production in the spring is meant to involve more people in a popular aspect of modern theatre - the musical. This introduces a large group of students to the intertwining of song, dance, instrument, and large set design as it applies to theatre. Many faculty, staff, and parents volunteer their time to make the productions at LMMS a huge success!



Current Show
Spring Musical
"Shrek the Musical"
April 3 & 4 at 7:00pm
April 5 at 2:00 & 7:00pm
$6.00 Adults
$5.00 Jr(14-)/Sr(60+)

Advanced Ticket Sales have stopped
There are still some tickets available at the door
We hope to see you there!
Good-natured, but short-tempered ogre Shrek lives in a swamp and wants
nothing more than to be left alone.  However, when Lord Farquaad banishes
all 'freaky' fairy tale characters to the swamp, he must take action.
Farquaad strikes a deal that if Shrek rescues a princess for him to marry,
the fairy tale characters can leave.  Along the way, Shrek meets an
irrepressible donkey who shows him the meaning of friendship, and the
princess shows him the meaning of true love.  Based on the Dreamworks
movie, this musical has all the parts you love, with even more hysterical
jokes, and all new awesome songs.  Come join the fun!

Current Show Documents
(these will open as Word Documents in a new may take a few moments...please be patient)

NOTES  (Fall Comedy)
Cast List  
 Cover Letter
  From Friday Nov 15
Schedule #2 
 Villager Sample Pictures
  From Tuesday Nov 19
Hair, Make-Up, Etc. 
   From Wed Nov 20
  Final Notes
Biography Sheet (OVERDUE)
Character Sketch (OVERDUE)

T-shirt Order Form (OVERDUE)      
Program Ad Form  (OVERDUE)


Final Weeks Schedule (3/24-4/5)
Backstage Chaperone &
Baked Goods Letter
(due asap)
Photo Wed. Information (4/2)      
Words..Encouragement (DONE)
Photo CD Order Form (due 4/2)
CC Order Form      
CC Groups Order Form      
Preview Agenda (TBA)      
Flow Chart (TBA)      
Curtain Call Order (TBA)      


 Practice Music
(simply click on the title to listen) 

"Big Bright Beautiful World" (3:31)
   0:04 - m.5, Mama: "Listen, Son..."
   2:21 - m.92, King Harold: "Your Mama packed..."
   3:01 - m.114, Ensemble: "It's a big bright..."

"Story of my Life" (2:40)
   0:04 - m.15, Pinn: "Life is disappointing..."
   0:49 - m.38, Fairy GM: "Strife is never-ending..."
   1:26 - m.56, All: "Story of my life, booted..."
   1:46 - m.74, All: "I always dreamed..."

"Story of my Life - Tag" (0:37)

"Goodbye Song" (0:30)

"Regiment #1" (1:03)
   0:18 - m.17, Guards: "Farquaad is on his way..."

"Regiment Reprise" (0:26)

"What's Up Duloc" m.A-m.16 (0:32)
"What's Up Duloc" m.40-m.104 (1:29)
"What's Up Duloc" m.131-end (1:08)

"What's Up Duloc - Reprise" (0:39)

"Forever" (2:26)
   0:00 - m.31, Dragon: "Another knight, another name..."
   0:33 - m.49, Knights: "You're gonna stay..."
   1:04 - m.66, Dragon: "I'm no princess..."
   1:52 - m.92, Knights: "He likes a..."

"Ballad of Farquaad" (0:52)
   0:00 - m.86A
   0:13 - m.91, Ensemble: "La la la..."

"Make a Move" m.14-m.31 (0:48)
   0:05 - m.16, Mice: "Oh..."
"Make a Move" m.47A-end (0:48)
   0:05 - m.47C, Mice: "Buckle down..."
"Make a Move Tag" (0:18)

"Freak Flag" (3:43)
   0:00 - m.1, Gingy: "We spend..."
   0:43 - m.20, Sugar Plum: "Let your..."
   1:08 - m.33, Pinn: "It's hard to be..."
   1:20 - m.40, FT Creatures: "Let your..."
   1:40 - m.52, Pigs: "I'm proud to be..."
   2:05 - m.67, All: "Let your..."
   2:59 - m.99, Mama Bear: "What makes us..."

"Wedding Procession" (0:39)
   0:08 - m.9, All: "Ooh..."

"Sunset/Transformation" (0:56)
   0:00 - m.53, after kiss
0:19 - m.59, All: "Oh..."

"Finale" (1:10)
   0:00 - m.72A, Mama Bear: "What makes us..."
   0:14 - m.78, All: "We are witches, we are..."
   0:43 - m.98, All: "This is our story..."

"I'm a Believer" (1:30)
   0:00 - m.21, Shrek: "And then I saw her face..."
   0:02 - m.22, Pigs: "I saw her face..."
   0:23 - m.36, Fiona: "I thought love..."; Some Women: "Ooh..."
   0:50 - m.54, Donkey: "Then I saw her face..."; Dragon: "I saw his face..."

The East Penn School District is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities or employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, ancestry, disability, union membership or other legally protected classification. Announcement of the policy is in accordance with state and federal laws, including Title VI, Title IX, Section 504 and Americans with Disabilities Act. Copyright 2009 East Penn School District.
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