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Theatre Program

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Current Show Practice Music

Current Show Documents

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Wednesday, April 29th, 11am-11pm
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Hope to see you there!!

Mission / Purpose

The purpose of the LMMS Theatre Program is to introduce middle school students to the world of theatre. Our goal is to make available opportunities to participate in as many aspects of the world of theatre as possible. Two productions are put on each year: a comedy in the fall and a musical in the spring. All students are welcome and encouraged to either audition for an on-stage role or to apply for a position backstage. The play in the fall involves a smaller group, and provides a more intimate setting for all involved to learn more about the history, theory, and terminology of theatre. The production in the spring is meant to involve more people in a popular aspect of modern theatre - the musical. This introduces a large group of students to the intertwining of song, dance, instrument, and large set design as it applies to theatre. Many faculty, staff, and parents volunteer their time to make the productions at LMMS a huge success!



Current Show
Spring Musical
"Crazy for You"
March 26 & 27 at 7:00pm
March 28 at 2:00pm & 7:00pm
$6.00 Adults
$5.00 Jr(14-)/Sr(60+)

Advanced ticket sales have stopped
There are still some tickets available at the door
We hope to see you there!
Bobby aspires to be a Broadway performer, but his mother wants him to be
a banker.  She sends Bobby to a small Nevada town to foreclose on a
run-down theater.  While there, Bobby falls in love with local girl Polly, and
helps the town put on a show to save the theater.  Mistaken identities,
confused loves, and a ton of jazzy and tap music make this a super-fun
show that you will go Crazy For!

Current Show Documents
(these will open as Word Documents in a new may take a few moments...please be patient)

Cast List
Cover Letter
 Nice Work..... FINAL NOTES
Schedule #2
General Instructions
 Specifics by Cast Member
Biography Sheet (OVERDUE) Sample Pictures
   Hair and Make-Up
Character Sketch (OVERDUE)
Hair Cheat Sheet
(Guys and Girls)

T-shirt Order Form (OVERDUE)      
Program Ad Form  (OVERDUE)
List of current sponsors 

Final Weeks Schedule (3/16-3/28)

Photo CD Order Form (OVERDUE)

Flow Chart (Musical)      
Curtain Call Order (Musical)      


 Practice Music
(Audio Tracks listed first; Sheet Music is below)

"I Can't Be Bothered Now" (4:33)
   1:42 - Girls exit car
   2:22 - Bobby sings middle verse
   3:10 - 2nd Dance Break
   3:51 - Girls sing

"Girls Enter Nevada" (2:48)
   0:30 - m.31, Girls enter stage
   1:01 - m.52, Girls: "It's wonderful to..."
   1:53 - m.138, Girls: "In town we..." and Guys: "In town they used to fret..."

"Slap That Bass" (4:33)
   0:30 - m.25, Moose: "Happiness is not..."
   0:55 - m.44, ALL: "Keep your philharmonic..."
   1:13 - m.58, Tess/Patsy: "In which case..." and Men: "Boom, boom..."
   1:21 - m.64, ALL: Scat section
   1:36 - m.106, Dance Break start
   2:01 - m.142, Guys/Girls enter for the "Bass-playing" section (start "playing" at 2:09)
   2:29 - m.164, Dancers start their march forward for kick line
   3:18 - m.202, Bobby and Polly slow dance
   3:38 - m.212, Stage Right re-enters (3:43 Stage Left re-enters)
   3:53 - m.224, ALL: "Dictators would be..."

"I Got Rhythm" (6:55)
   1:14 - m.61, Junior: "I got rhythm..."
   1:50 - Instrumental tools section
   2:10 - Start potato tossing
   2:28 - Start main dance section
   3:02 - Side Girls pause; Plates kicked back to Guys (3:10 - Guys and Tappers switch spots)
   3:20 - Guys dance in lines
   3:50 - Start barrel roll; through legs; back-flip section
   4:08 - ALL: "Old man trouble" steps forward
   4:34 - Tire pump/saw section
   4:46 - Move to marching section (5:00 - Start march)
   5:24 - First pick axe toss
   5:42 - Get into pinwheel (5:50 - Start pinwheel moving)
   6:01 - Back to opening positions
   6:10 - Anwill staggers in; ALL spinning with partners
   6:19 - Start stunts; fast arms/legs 
   6:36 - ALL: "Who could ask..."; Move to final positions

"Real American Folk Song" (1:59)
   0:00 - m.158a, Curtain opens
   0:23 - m.56a, Trio starts
   1:07 - m.93a, "Wee-ooh" section (1:16 - Chorus move/get ready)
   1:26 - m.116a, ALL: "The real American folk song..."

"Stiff Upper Lip" (3:14)
   0:26 - m.25, ALL: "Stiff upper lip!"
   0:34 - m.57, Start first dance break (Zach turns to Maya and bows)
   0:43 - Leg over leg/switch section
   0:55 - Josh/Robert/Lakhsmi on table
   1:02 - Kellyn/Dani/Madi Bruns/Kera down front for 'scarecrow'
   1:12 - Jumps section
   1:20 - Trio sings; Gianna/EmmaB/MaddieK on table
   1:31 - ALL switch rows
   1:39 - Turn chair around/Prep for clapping section
   2:11 - 3 couples swing down front; Chorus main gestures
   2:27 - Polly: "Carry on through..."; ALL: "Chin up!"

"Nice Work If You Can Get It" (4:47)

"Finale" (2:06)
   0:21 - m.21, ALL: "Watch your spirits climb!"
   0:46 - m.30, Bobby and Polly waltz
   0:59 - m.74, Chorus "Ah!" (Note: We have cut m.45-73)
   1:13 - m.86, MEN: "I'm up among..."; LADIES: "Ah!"
   1:50 - m.109, ALL: "Who could ask..."

"Curtain Call" (3:00)

"I Can't Be Bothered Now" - Ladies
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

"Girls Enter Nevada" - ALL
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

"Slap That Bass" - ALL
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

"Tonight's the Night" - ALL
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

"I Got Rhythm" - ALL
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

"Entr'Acte (Real American Folk Song)" - ALL
Page 1 Page 2

"Stiff Upper Lip" - ALL
Page 1

"Nice Work If You Can Get It" - LADIES
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

"Finale" - ALL
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

"Curtain Call" - ALL
Page 1 Page 2

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