Academic Support

In an effort to support all students in achieving greater school success, the East Penn School District offers Academic Support services in the areas of reading and mathematics grades K-8. These services are designed to supplement students’ regular education instruction in reading and/or mathematics. Students qualify for additional support based upon district and state assessments as well as teacher recommendation. Academic Support services may take place during or in addition to core reading and math instruction.

Academic Support/Title I:

Academic Support Staff

Tricia Gutman, Ed.D.
Coordinator | Email

Alburtis Elementary

Carla Kohler | Email
Kristin Marks | Email
Amanda Kender | Email
Kristen Carter | Email

Eyer Middle School

Debra Stevens | Email
Mary Ellen Hepburn | Email

Jefferson Elementary

Christine Boty | Email
Carol Ann Hillegass | Email
Hanna Arnold | Email
Michele Taylor | Email

Lincoln Elementary

Mary Grigoruk | Email
Randi Haberbosch | Email
Kendall MadejaEmail
Ruth Pepe | Email
Patti Scott | Email
Susan Traynor | Email


Darlene Bishop | Email
Nancy Bitto | Email
Mary Martorelli | Email
Sue Wilt | Email

Macungie Elementary

Allison Lind | Email
Susan Strong | Email
Kathy Miller | Email
Anne Mowad | Email
Jen Rosa | Email

Shoemaker Elementary

Jennifer Elston | Email
Marianne Frey | Email
Barb Maake | Email
Nancy Mombourquette | Email

Wescosville Elementary

Genny Baillie | Email
Kayla Hartz | Email
Katy Lysek | Email
Donna NovakovichEmail
Laura Wieder | Email

Willow Lane Elementary

Jo-Anne Barrett | Email
Martha Bond | Email
Barb Borgioni | Email
Serena Roland | Email