School Climate Survey Results
In March 2017, students in grades 3 to 12, parents.guardians of student in grades K to 12, and professional and support staff in the East Penn School District responded to a survey designed to rate the overall quality of 13 dimensions related to school climate as defined below by the National School Climate Center.

What is school climate?

Click here to view The 13 Dimensions of School Climate

School Voice: Response Rates

Group Population Size # Respondents % of Population Represented
Students 2660* 2308 86.77%
School Personnel 256* 225 87.89%
Parents 2313* 389 16.82%

Relative Strengths and Weaknesses

This chart shows scale scores in relative terms for each school group. It also displays the order in which each group rates the dimensions in comparison with the other two groups. This provides a sense of the way those in different groups perceive the school’s relative strengths and weaknesses.


Next Steps

Overall, a majority of the dimensions fell in the positive range. Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, building teams will plan how to address two key areas for improvement: sense of social/emotional security and social media. Action steps will be developed and implemented as part of the district’s Comprehensive Plan.