School Story

The history of Macungie Elementary School dates back to 1840, when a stone building was purchased at 28 North Church Street in Millerstown, as Macungie was referred to at that time. Over many years, the town's name changed as the population grew, and in 1942, Macungie School, on Main Street in Macungie, was opened and elementary students were served in the building for more than four decades. In 1989, a "new" Macungie Elementary School was built on the campus that houses both Shoemaker Elementary School and Eyer Junior High School, and it opened for students in September of 1989. Currently, Macungie Elementary School serves approximately 490 students, ranging from kindergarten through Grade 5. The school employs approximately 35 professional staff members and 35 non-professional staff members.

The staff at Macungie Elementary School prides itself on providing a variety of positive opportunities for students, parents, and all community members. The positive climate and culture of the school is nurtured through our school mission statement and new positive behavior plan. School-Wide Positive Behavior is a team-based process including a broad-range of systemic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes. This approach will be used at Macungie Elementary to teach, monitor, and support appropriate school behavior for ALL students. We will focus on preventing problem behaviors from all students at the school-wide, classroom, non-classroom, and individual levels by focusing on the critical link between instruction and desired student behavioral outcomes.


This new plan will:
► Teach expectations and desired behaviors
► Focus on positive climate
► Utilize a variety of support systems
► Be Proactive and preventive
► Ultimate purpose: student achievement
► Schools implementing SWPBIS with fidelity report:
► 20-60% reduction in office discipline referrals
► Improved student, faculty, and staff satisfaction
► Improved administrator perception of school safety
Click here to learn more about SWPBIS

Supported by the East Penn School District curriculum, the school offers challenging academic programs for all students through differentiated instruction, and we showcase student achievement at our monthly school Tiger Assemblies. Our Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS) program provides struggling students the needed help and support for success, and it provides students that are reading at or above grade level with instruction that challenges their abilities and promotes academic growth. On a daily basis, teachers integrate classroom technologies, such as the use of iPads, Google Classroom, Moodle, and Pickers, to enhance instruction and expose students to "'real life" problem solving situations.

Macungie students and staff are supported by a committed P.T.O. (Parent-Teacher Organization). Our P.T.O. volunteers support the positive school climate by bringing Macungie families together for sponsored events, such as the annual Spring Festival, Family Bingo Night, Lehigh Valley Phantoms Night and Family Movie Night. Financial support is provided to our students by the P.T.O. through a variety of fundraising activities. Keep up-to-date with our PTO events and fundraisers by going to: or Like us on Facebook at Macungie Elementary PTO!

The students, staff and parent base at Macungie routinely reach out, beyond the walls of the school, to take a positive and active role in their surrounding community. Over the last few years, Macungie students have participated in fundraising activities such as The Coco Foundation, Seeing Eye Program, Pennies for Patients, and the Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital Math-a-thon, to provide financial support for research and other people in need.

Macungie Elementary School truly reflects the community from which it draws students. Hardworking, passionate, caring and responsible are just a few of the positive adjectives that describe the students, parents and staff of Macungie Elementary School. At Macungie Elementary School, we are. . .TIGER STRONG!

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