School Story

A History of Community Learning at Wescosville Elementary School-Wescosville Elementary School boasts a dynamic history that spans half a century. The school’s rich past has seen great changes. In the fifty years it has been delivering meaningful education it has changed the way it looks, both inside and out. One aspect that hasn't changed is the faculty and staff's commitment to excellence in education and its focus on creating critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

In the mid-1990s, the building underwent a new addition. WES initially serviced K-3, but quickly added 4th grade students by the end of the 1990s. The school also shared space with staff and students from Jefferson during the late 1990s, as they also went through renovations to their building.
As the district and surrounding area grew 5th grade was added to the building. Kindergarten did leave from 2006-2010, but in the fall of 2010, those students have returned to the building and remain here still to this day.

From 2004-2010, Dr. Anthony Moyer was Wescosville's building principal. He left in 2010 to take over the district's newest building, Willow Lane Elementary. The current principal, Mrs. Tara Desiderio, came from her previous role as building principal at Lower Macungie Elementary School. She joined the school community in the fall of 2010.

Each year there are a wide variety of community activities. Wescosville hosts Meet the Teacher Night in the fall. During the May Open House, parents and students visit with the faculty and staff to get a picture of what students have learned throughout the year. In addition to the Open House activities, the community shares their cultural heritage with other families in sharing food, songs and dance at the Multi-Cultural Night.

The staff and students are involved in a wide array of activities throughout the school year. These include activities during school and many that occur after school hours. All of these experiences lend to a rich, diverse educational experience for the school community. The faculty, staff and local community members volunteer to work with students in many after school activities. These activities have included, but are not limited to the Green Thumb Club, the Art Club, Girls on the Run and musical initiatives.

Wescosville Elementary School values the arts as part of a well-rounded education. Students in all grade levels perform a musical presentation at one of the monthly assemblies throughout the year. Twice a year, the 5th grade students and staff present a show at Lower Macungie Middle School. In December, the 5th grade perform a winter holiday concert. In May, they present a musical. Additionally, all students participate in an annual art show in conjunction with Open House and the Multi-Cultural Fair. Dozens of 4th and 5th grade children each year participate in band and orchestra.

Wescosville recognizes the need for students to learn skills that will prepare them for the future. Each day students and staff utilize a wide variety of technological resources, which includes two Mac laptop labs, iPads, Chromebooks, Flip video cameras, a Netbook lab, PC laptops, wireless internet access, state of the art Moodle software and groundbreaking Smartboard technology. Additionally, students engage in innovative technological activities that are both challenging and exciting. Among these activities include coding, app creation, movie production, and time in our Makerspace laboratory.

On a daily basis, students and staff are engaged in a wide variety of learning activities that include the President's National Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics initiative. Project-based learning is another core instructional practice that is seen daily within all of the classrooms. This process is a hands-on approach to learning where students learn from a wide variety of activities, rather than only reading about topics in a book. In 2013, Wescosville hosted the National School Board Association to showcase all of the fantastic student STEM projects.

The faculty and staff at Wescosville Elementary understand the importance of building a strong foundation for which students will rely on for the rest of their lives. The work that is done within the halls of our school is remarkable. Each student that arrives through Wescosville’s doors is treated as a person with individual needs, and provided with all the tools necessary for a successful experience. We celebrate the opportunity to share this crucial time with the students in our school!

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