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AP Physics-B

Links:  Check Moodle Page for additional AP-B file/solutions!

 Wilson & Buffa Text Website 

 Syllabus/Assigned HW

   Assigned Homework Problems

   Lab Report Format

   Converging Lens Lab Report

   Geometric Optics Problem Answers

   Prism Lab Sheet File

Malus' Law Lab

Brewster's Angle Lab

  Modern Physics Outline

Description of Course:

 Course Title: 

 Physics, Advanced Placement (Level B)  - # 468


 This laboratory-based course will offer several topics with greater depth and introduce new information that is not currently offered in the curriculum.  It is intended for students who wish to major in medicine, engineering, or science.  Many of the topics that are offered in this course are used in modern technology.  Electronics, Optics, and Modern Physics are topics that are always changing and improving our lives.  Enrollment in Physics I Honors Physics followed by AP-B prepares the student to take the Level B (Algebra/Trig based) Advanced Physics Exam that includes fluids, solids, modern physics, heat, and thermodynamics.  The Physics I, CP student would also be eligible for this course upon completion of a summer assignment.


  • Preparation for the Level B Advanced Placement Physics Exam by successfully completing this course along with Physics I, Honors.
  • To sharpen laboratory and interpersonal skills using the course’s experimental approach.
  • Gain a college level attitude toward learning.
  • Assimilate a large body of knowledge and establish a cumulative awareness of the inter-related concepts of mechanics, wave theory, modern physics, optics, heat, thermodynamics, properties of materials, electricity, and magnetism.


 Prerequisite:  Algebra III/Trigonometry CP or Honors with 84% or better, Physics I CP or Honors with 84% or better, and Physics I CP with summer assignment and teacher approval.


 Wilson, Jerry, and Buffa, Anthony, Physics, 5th Edition, Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2003

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