About Us

Shoemaker Elementary School is located in the beautiful community of Macungie, PA, which is approximately 10 miles outside of Allentown and 50 miles Northwest of Philadelphia. It shares a campus with Macungie Elementary School and Eyer Middle School. It is a kindergarten through 5th grade elementary school with approximately 720 students, 44 professional staff members and 39 support staff members. We have 28 classes, including 5 sections of kindergarten, 4 sections of first grade, 5 sections of second grade, 5 sections of third grade, 5 sections of fourth grade, and 4 sections of fifth grade. Additionally our school has four special education classrooms and a gifted classroom.

Shoemaker Elementary School opened its doors in 1970 and, over the last 42 years, has undergone several changes as the district redistricted and reconfigured. Over the years, primary students from Alburtis, Kings Highway, and Lower Macungie Schools fed into Shoemaker, which primarily housed intermediate students ranging from third through sixth grade.

Shoemaker students and staff are supported by a committed P.T.O. (Parent, Teacher, Organization) and volunteers who support a positive school climate by bringing families together for sponsored events, such as the Winter Wonderland Family Night, Roller-skating Parties, Family Bingo Night and the annual spring Iron Pigs Shoemaker Family Night game as well as volunteer in classrooms and with clerical work. Financial support for assemblies, fieldtrips and classroom materials is provided by the P.T.O. through a variety of fundraising activities including the sale of coupon books and the annual read-a-thon.

Shoemaker is a school filled with a friendly, motivated, hardworking team committed to meeting the needs of our students through a variety of current, creative, and research based educational techniques.