About Us

Eyer Middle School caters to approximately 850 students spanning grades six through eight, supported by two administrators, over 70 teachers, and more than 30 support personnel. The school boasts 70 classrooms, along with a range of facilities including a full gymnasium, a cafeteria, a learning lab, an auditorium with balconies, and a connecting commons area. Additionally, there’s a courtyard adjacent to the cafeteria and a Library featuring a second-floor mezzanine. These facilities provide an innovative and student-friendly environment conducive to nurturing the social, emotional, and academic growth of our middle school population.

Beyond academic excellence, Eyer takes pride in its rich school culture, which dates back to the 1970s when teachers embraced open spaces, fostering collaboration and student involvement in learning projects. The school’s traditions, such as the student art collection initiated in 1975, contribute to its vibrant atmosphere. The Howard A. Eyer Award, established in 1976, recognizes students who excel academically while actively engaging in school activities.

Eyer Middle School offers an extensive array of over thirty after-school clubs, musical groups, and PIAA sports teams for 7th and 8th graders, ensuring there’s something for every student’s interest. Students are encouraged to propose new club ideas, with staff support to make them a reality. The school’s PAWS initiative reinforces positive behavior, offering incentives and recognition for students demonstrating exemplary conduct.

The school culture promotes mutual respect between students and staff, fostering a sense of care for the school and nurturing the school-home partnership. Contributing to this culture is Eyer Connections, a parent group that facilitates community integration for new families, organizes fundraisers, provides school attire, and offers support for various school activities, including the all-school Field Day held annually at Macungie Park.

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