Eyer School School Counseling Department

Welcome to Eyer’s School Counseling Office.

Eyer Middle School’s School Counseling Department consists of three School Counselors and an Administrative Assistant. Mrs. Cathy Jones, our Administrative Assistant, can be reached at (610)965-1605. The three counselors can be contacted at the following numbers:

  • Mrs. Kelly Snow, 6th Grade, (610)965-1608
  • Mr. Kevin Gee, 7th Grade (610)965-1607
  • Mr. Marc Dobbs, 8th Grade (610)965-1609
  • Mrs. Camile Eustice, Administrative Assistant (610)965-1605

The School Counselors are available for students, parents, staff, and administrators. Students who wish to consult with their School Counselor may go directly to the Counseling Office to make an appointment or to meet with their School Counselor. 

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