Grading System

The current grade scale is:

  • A  90 – 100
  • B  80 – 89
  • 70 – 79
  • D  60 – 69
  • F     0 – 59


Core classes are graded each trimester, with the final yearlong grade being the average of all three trimesters’ grades. Student grades are updated regularly and can be checked by parents at any time. Related Arts (Music, Art, FCS, Tech Ed) are quarterly courses, and students receive a grade for those courses each quarter. Exploratory Arts classes (Computers, Health, Wellness) are trimester courses, and students are issued grades for those courses at the end of each trimester.


Parents may check student academic progress at any time on the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Paper progress reports and report cards are no longer issued to the students. If you need help setting up or accessing your Parent Portal, please contact the counseling office.


An incomplete is issued when a student has been absent too many days to establish a grade for that subject. A student receiving an incomplete has 10 school days to make up the work unless an unusual circumstance exists. In this case, a make-up schedule is drawn up between the student and teacher(s).

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