Counselor/Student Partnership

The Partnership of Eyer Middle School Students and Their Professional School Counselor

Today’s Middle School Student

Today’s world is diverse, fast-paced and filled with many new opportunities for our young people which means decison making at every turn. Exciting, yet overwhelming, these times present a challenge for the most mature of us. Imagine what it must feel like to be a middle schooler?

Characteristics of Middle Schoolers

During the middle school years, our students are undergoing rapid physical, developmental, emotional and psychological changes. Middle school students are characterized by the exploration of the world around them which includes family, friends, school and community. Coupled with this is their newfound intellectual ability which helps them to understand abstract concepts. They have a desire to learn useful things that they can transfer to real life. Their need to assert autonomy at times appears as a resistance to adult authority but this is typical adolescent development . They turn more often now to peers for affirmation.

Meeting The Challenge

The Eyer Middle School counselors are professional educators with an emphasis on mental health. We understand the myriad challenges faced by the middle school student. We offer adult support, guidance and calm direction in the face of the changes and conflicting values of our students. Middle School Counselors work integrally with the total educational program at Eyer by maintaining a proactive stance in the life of our students. The counselors support the academic achievement , as well as the social and emotional changes and assist the middle schooler in preparation for successful adulthood.

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