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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Update

The East Penn School District believes equity in education means that opportunities are differentiated to ensure ALL students have access to the resources, programs, and experiences that they need. Over the last several years, teachers, administrators, parents, students, and board members participated as collaborative members of the newly formed East Penn Equity Committee. The committee work included:

  • Development of framework for defining and understanding equity in all aspects of our organization, policy, practices, curriculum, programs and student services, and hiring.
  • Professional development for all staff to establish common language and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Board adoption of an Equity Policy in January 2021. The policy outlines the process for conducting an audit to benchmark educational equity in our schools and developing an action plan to address priority needs identified through the audit. 

The committee analyzed the equity and inclusion survey data that was administered in grades 6-12 this past fall. The survey responses provide additional context for the attendance, discipline, and academic data collected through our audit. To ensure our diversity, equity, and inclusion work remains a focus, the equity committee proposed the following goals for the district’s comprehensive plan:

  • Goal 1: Identify and update policies, procedures, and practices related to discipline that negatively impact students. Action steps for this goal include revision of the student code of conduct to include tiered supports and restorative practices (in progress).
  • Goal 2: Identify and update policies, procedures, and practices related to academics that negatively impact students. Action steps for this goal include an examination of course referral practices and a focus on academic support services.
  • Goal 3: Implement instructional practices that provide equitable access and outcomes for all learners. Action steps for this goal include training on culturally responsive teaching and inclusionary practices (in progress), and the formation of a secondary student advisory group focused on teaching and learning.
  • Goal 4: Buildings will create practices that foster a culture and climate in service of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Action steps for this goal include building level analysis of survey data by subgroup, ngoing DEI professional development (ex: implicit/explicit bias, culturally responsive practices, etc), and listening sessions for families and students.

On January 24, 2022, members of the East Penn Equity Committee joined our school board meeting to provide the district with an update on specific aspects of their work (you can view that portion of the meeting using the link below). The update included an overview of the following:

  • Equity and Inclusion Survey 
  • Review of Equity Audit data
  • Overview of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Proposed Goals and Next Steps

Click to view the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Update

Click to view the January 24, 2022 School Board Mtg.

We recognize that work related to diversity, equity, and inclusion requires ongoing attention and dedication. Please continue to look for events and programming in the upcoming year that bring us together as a school community actively supporting equitable and inclusive learning environments for all students.

Join us on Monday, April 25th, at the East Penn School Board Meeting where members of the Comprehensive Planning team will present the Comprehensive Plan to the board.

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