East Penn Definition of Equity

Equity in education means that opportunities are differentiated to ensure all students have access to the resources, programs, and experiences that they need to feel safe and supported. In East Penn we believe in removing barriers to learning and commit to fairly distributing access, opportunity, and participation.

We use four frames to examine situations from an equity lens: structural, societal, socio-economic, and cultural.

No Place for Hate in East Penn

Picture of Willow Lane students standing next to their No Place for Hate message.
Willow Lane students create their February 2024 No Place for Hate message.
Picture of Eyer middle school students during "No Place for Hate" Event
Eyer No Place for Hate Club held a 2024 kick off event challenging students to pledge to support its goal of being a No Place for Hate School. The purpose of the No Place for Hate Club is to engage in student led programming in order to help create an inclusive environment where all students feel welcome and accepted.
Picture of Emmaus High school students during "No Place for Hate" Event
The February 1, 2024 Hornet Huddle was written by our No Place For Hate organization. Students had to move in concentric circles to discuss important topics of acceptance and belonging and to share some information about themselves in order to build connections between the students in homeroom.

District Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

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