East Penn School District

Welcome to our New Middle School Security Officers

We are excited to announce the new addition of a middle school security team to the East Penn School District. As a part of our commitment to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff, we have implemented the new role of Middle School Security Officers at both Eyer and Lower Macungie Middle Schools.

These dedicated individuals will be instrumental in creating a safe and secure environment for everyone in our school community. Their responsibilities will include:

1. Patrol school grounds and premises to deter and detect unauthorized individuals or
    suspicious activities 

2. Respond promptly to emergencies, such as medical situations or conflicts, and
    take appropriate action 

4. Maintain a visible and approachable presence to foster a sense of security within
    the school community 

5. Contribute to the development and maintenance of an environment that is
    non-threatening, safe, nurturing, and where students feel respected, accepted, and welcome. 

6. Collaborate with school administration, staff, and local authorities to address
    security concerns effectively 

Please join us in welcoming our middle school security team as they play a vital role in enhancing our school safety and security protocol. 

Joseph Koury
Eyer Middle School

Joseph Koury brings 26 years of police experience to his role at Eyer Middle School. Joseph holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. He retired after 24 years of service with the Allentown Police Department. He was assigned to the Patrol Division before being assigned to the Allentown Police Department’s Crime Scene Unit for over 17 years. He has attended the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Forensic Services for several trainings receiving certifications for all. Joseph is a qualified Fingerprint Examiner and  has testified in County Court as an expert. 

Joseph Ramirez
Lower Macungie Middle School

Joseph “Joey” Ramirez, a retired Gunnery Sergeant from the United States Marine Corps, brings a wealth of security expertise to his role as School Security Officer at Lower Macungie Middle School. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, Ramirez honed his skills in “Interior Security” and excelled in various security assignments, including patrolling living quarters, hangars, and classified workspaces. Recognized for his technical expertise, he played a pivotal role in integrating the F-35 B/C Joint Strike Fighter into the Marine Corps, operating in classified environments and ensuring perimeter security. Alongside his security duties, Ramirez was a respected leader, mentoring, and developing countless Marines. 

Thank you for your continued support of our district safety and security initiatives. This support is greatly appreciated as we continue to prioritize the well-being of our school community.

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