School Board

The East Penn Board of School Directors is composed of nine citizens elected to serve terms of four years each. To be eligible to be elected to the School Board, one must be a United States citizen and resident of Pennsylvania, a person of good moral character, at least 18 years of age and must have been a resident of the East Penn School District one year prior to the date of election or appointment. Members serve without compensation.

The Board elects its own president and vice president and appoints a solicitor, secretary, and treasurer and hires its own chief executive – the Superintendent. Two students from Emmaus High School also join the Board as non-voting representatives.

  1. Alan Earnshaw, President
  2. Ken Bacher, Vice President
  3. Charles H. Ballard
  4. Lynn Donches
  5. Francee Fuller
  6. Rebecca Heid
  7. Rev. Waldemar Vinovskis
  8. Samuel Rhodes, III
  9. Ziad Munson