High School Program of Studies

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: The East Penn School District requires that all students complete a minimum of 21 courses for graduation to be earned between grades 9 and 12.Courses must be taken in the following areas:

Number of Courses Subject Area

4 English
4 Social Studies
3 Science (three full years)
3 Mathematics
2 Arts/Humanities
1 Wellness/Fitness
.50 Health
.25 Driver Education
.50 Family and Consumer Science
.50 Computer Applications
2.25 Elective Credits

Students must complete four (4) Wellness/Fitness courses (one each year). One of these must be aquatics.

Arts/Humanities: Any course offered in the following departments may be used to satisfy the Arts/Humanities requirements:

Art Music (including band, orchestra and chorus when offered for credit)
Family and Consumer Science
Social Studies
World Language
Technology Education

All students are required to complete four credits of Social Studies. One of the courses also fulfills one of the two required credits in Arts/Humanities. As students select courses to fulfill the four credit requirements, they must complete all of the following:

  1.  American Studies (American Studies 1 and 2 OR U.S History, Advanced Placement)
  2. World Studies (World Studies; European History, Advanced Placement; or World History, Advanced Placement)
  3. Beginning with the Class of 2022, Government (Government/Economics, GP; Government, CP; U.S. Government, Advanced Placement; U.S. History, Advanced Placement; or Humanities)
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