Other Services

Counseling Services

The district employs twenty-one school counselors. Nine are assigned at the Emmaus High School, three at the Lower Macungie Middle School and three at the Eyer Middle School. The district has six counselors employed at the elementary level.

Health Services

Eight certified school nurses are employed throughout the district. Thirteen licensed health room assistants assist them.

Psychological Services

The district employs seven school psychologists who provide a variety of services to students. The psychologists are responsible for evaluations to determine students’ disabilities and need for special education services. Psychologists also consult with general and special education teachers for academic and behavioral interventions, Multidisciplinary evaluations and 504 service agreements.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a state mandated program available in all secondary schools in Pennsylvania. Trained teachers, counselors, nurses and administrators work together to help students whose behaviors seem to present a barrier to successful learning. Referrals to help students can be made by parents, teachers, students or any member of the school community. Self-referrals are also accepted. Those barriers to learning and school success might include drug and/or alcohol abuse and behavioral concerns as well as other related factors. SAP is not a disciplinary program and it is not a treatment program. It is an early intervention program. SAP members attempt to identify barriers and provide avenues for students and parents to receive help.

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