Head Lice

Finding out that your child has head lice can elicit a whole range of reactions in a parent or caregiver.

Head Lice Facts

  • What are Head Lice?
  • Head lice are a common problem in school age children.
  • Head lice do not pose a danger to your child’s health.

Treatment Guidelines for Head Lice

  • General Guidelines for Treatment.
  • Inform the parents of children your child has been in close contact with in order to help prevent further spread.
  • Your child must be treated for head lice before returning to school.
  • Before your child may re-enter school, proof of treatment (empty lice shampoo container or box) must be presented to a member of the Health Room staff.
  • Your child’s head will be examined by a health room nurse while you are present.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions or present concerns. The nurse is there to assist you.

*It is important to examine your child’s head every day until all nits have been removed and no new nits are found! 

Additional Resources:

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Head Lice FAQ’s

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