Web Accessibility Professional Development

Below you will find Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 standards that you can utilize to make your web content web accessible.

  1. Use alternative text with photos and images (Section 508: 1194.22.a/WCAG 2.0: 1.1)
    When adding a photo or image to your site make sure you fill out the “Alt Text” field with a description of the content.
    Click here for instructions on how to add alternative text
  2. Do not use flashing GIFs or elements that may cause seizures (Section 508: 1194.22.j/WCAG 2.0: 2.3.1)
  3. Provide closed captions or transcripts for audio and video (Section 508: 1194.22.b/WCAG 2.0: 1.2)
    If you add an audio or video file you must provide a text equivalent of the multimedia.
  4. Use properly labeled links (WCAG 1.0: 6.1)
    Click here to view example of properly labeling links
  5. Time based content must provide a start, stop, pause or extend function (Section 508: 1194.22.p/WCAG 2.0: 2.2.1)
    If you use time based content on your website such as a slideshow or game, you must provide the user a way in which a user can start, stop, pause or extend.
    Click here to view an example of providing a start, stop, pause or extend function to your content
  6. Do not solely use color to convey information (Section 508: 1194.22.c/WCAG 2.0: 1.4)
    Click here to view an example of not solely using color to convey information
  7. iframes must be titled when embedding them to a website (Section 508: 1194.22.i/WCAG 2.0: 2.4.2)
    When embedding an iframe from any service to your website a “title” tag must be added to the iframe snippet.
    Click here to view an example of adding a title to an iframes
  8. Website content that requires a special plugin or software must provide a source link (Section 508: 1194.22.m)
    If your browser doesn’t not support PDF viewing and you have PDFs on your website; add a link to a PDF reader.
    Click here to view a example of adding a software link

Source: Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) 2.0 and Section 508 Guidelines

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