Compensation – Starting Rates 2023-2024

Bachelor’s Degree – $56,441
Master’s Degree – $66,171

Per Diem Substitute Teachers
1-50 days- $130.00/day
51-75 days- $145.00/day
75+ days- $180.00/day
21+ days in same assignment – $225.00/day

Administrative Assistants

Instructional Assistants

Staff Assistants

Administrative/Instructional/Staff Assistant Substitutes

Health Room Nurse

Health Room Nurse Substitutes

Remedial Assistants

Remedial Assistant Substitutes

Food Service Support Staff

Food Service Substitutes


All new custodians will have a reduction of 15% per hour during their first 12 months of employment, a reduction of 10% per hour during their second 12 months of employment and a reduction of 5% per hour during their third 12 months of employment.

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