8th Grade Course Registration

Important Information for 8th grade students and parents:

The registration process for 8th to 9th grade will begin in January. Current 8th grade students will receive an abbreviated Program of Studies document to review with parents prior to 9th grade Guidance Information Night at Emmaus High School (EHS). Additionally, all current 8th grade students are presented with videos that highlight the various electives at Emmaus High School.

Emmaus High School 9th grade School Counselors and the current 8th Grade Eyer School Counselors visit classrooms at the end of January to advise students on course selections for the coming school year.  These sessions act as a workshop where the School Counselors provide guidance on overall scheduling process. The focus of these meetings is to ensure that all students request the appropriate number of credits, learn about elective courses, and meet their perspective School Counselors.  Students receive pink registration sheets to take home with teachers signatures.

Pink registration sheets containing student course requests with teacher recommendations are due in early February. 

In mid-March course verification sheets will go home for signatures.

If you have any questions please contact your Eyer School Counselor.

8th Grade Guidance Information Night (GIN) – TBD @ EHS

8th to 9th Grade Guidance Information Night is designed to provide current 8th grade students and their families with information about the transition to 9th grade.  Informational presentations will be offered every half hour in the auditorium and a student club fair will occur in the area near the auditorium.  School tours will be provided by student ambassadors, and Emmaus High School faculty will be available to provide information and answer any questions about courses or the scheduling process.  Please visit the Emmaus High School Guidance Website for additional information about the transition to 9th grade.

Click here to visit the EHS Guidance website

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