At Emmaus High School, students participate in a learning environment that cultivates a rewarding educational experience. This academic portion of our website includes resources for parents and students such as, program of studies, grading system, and graduation requirements.

2017-2018 Grade Scale and GPA Calculation Changes

For the past two years, an instructional leadership team in East Penn has been working to examine our district-wide assessment practices and evaluate them in terms of their efficacy and equity. Through that process, the secondary grading scale and high school grade point average calculations emerged as an area in need of revision.  For these reasons, we have decided to modify the grading scale and calculation of student GPA to be more consistent with other schools both regionally and nationally. This change will go into effect beginning with the 2017-18 school year.  For more information regarding these changes please click on the EHS Grading Scale/GPA Change Letter and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) links regarding these changes.

EHS Grading Scale/GPA Change Letter

Grading Scale and GPA Changes FAQ

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