Course Scheduling

Scheduling Process

Each eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh grade student will receive a Program of Studies booklet and can also access the document on the EHS website. The program is the result of meetings with teachers, counselors, department chairpersons, administrators, parents, the Superintendent and the Board of School Directors. The Program of Studies describes each course offered in the high school. Please take some time to become familiar with our course offerings.


In December, students will discuss next year’s course selections with their subject teachers. All teachers will assist students in choosing appropriate courses for the next year which best suit their abilities and aspirations and write their choices on the Course Scheduling Sheet.  Students will then take home a carbon copy of the Course Scheduling Sheet and have time to review these choices with their families before submitting their course selections electronically at the end of January/beginning of February, which will then be reviewed by his/her counselor. This process will provide a basis for the final course selection.


During the second semester, each student will finalize his or her course selections for the next year. Occasionally, the teacher’s recommendation will not match a student’s selection. Students and their parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the teacher if they have questions regarding their child’s course recommendations for that subject area. They can also contact the school counselor for general questions regarding course registration. Each year, students must register for a minimum of 5.25 credits per year.

Course Selection

Once final selections are made, all the course requests are tallied. The number of sections of each course and teachers’ next year assignments are determined by these tallies. It is very important that each student’s selections be made very carefully, as changes once the schedule has been built cannot be guaranteed.

Schedule Changes

If the selections have been carefully made, changes should not be necessary, except in unusual situations. If a student wishes to request a change, they must send the request in writing to their school counselor before a date in June, established annually by the Office of Academic Affairs. A change is much more likely to occur while the schedules are still being developed. Once the schedules are developed, a change request may be difficult or impossible.

For more information on courses and scheduling, please refer to the Program of Studies.

When completing the pre-registration form for next year’s courses, please check the following requirements:

  1. Students must take a minimum of FIVE full-year courses (2 semester courses could equal one full-year course), plus a Wellness/Fitness course.
  2. Students must register for an ENGLISH course, a SOCIAL STUDIES course, and a WELLNESS/FITNESS course each year.
  3. If a student has not successfully completed a course in HEALTH or DRIVER EDUCATION at the end of the current year, he/she SHOULD register for HEALTH and/or DRIVER EDUCATION.
  4. If a student has not successfully completed THREE courses in MATH at the end of the current year, they SHOULD register for a MATH course.
  5. If a student has not successfully completed THREE courses in SCIENCE at the end of the current year, they SHOULD register for a SCIENCE course.
  6. If a student has not successfully completed a FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE COURSE, they SHOULD register for a FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE COURSE
  7. If a student has not successfully completed a COMPUTER APPLICATIONS COURSE, they SHOULD register for a course designated in the Program of Studies that meets this requirement.
  8. Students are asked to please include alternate course selections, should they be unable to schedule one or more of their first choices.
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