Social Studies

Mission Statement

We believe social studies is vital for all citizens in democracy. Students should be taught civic responsibility as well as an appreciation and understanding of other cultures within our society and throughout the world.

Understanding basic human needs, cultural diversity, and an interdependence of the world community enhances the quality of life. The integration of literature and other disciplines encourages students to become cooperative and independent learners.

Our program is based on history as the unifying discipline and includes designated strands of geography, history, people, economics, contemporary issues, and political science. These strands provide students with skills and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. Skills include critical thinking and problem solving techniques which lead to negotiation and resolution of social conflicts.

Both wide overviews and in-depth studies are utilized in implementing the curriculum. All of this is best achieved through cooperative efforts of the school and community.

Social Studies Teachers

Courses Offered

See the Program of Studies for detailed course information. Click here for the Social Studies curriculum.

Summer Assignments

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