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General Information: Driver training is an elective course offered to students at EHS. Each student must have parental permission to drive a motor vehicle. A learner’s permit must be obtained by the student prior to registering for Driver Training. The cost to take the course is $250. After completion of Driver Education and Driver Training, a student may request an insurance certificate from their instructor.

Course Requirements: Driver training consists of nine hours of simulation, and three hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. The purpose of the twelve-hour course is to develop, through the use of realistic situations, the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for safe and efficient operation of the automobile in urban, rural and superhighway traffic. Students may also be eligible to take the “End of Course Skills Test” at EHS and receive their license upon successful completion.

Other Information: Driver Training is offered through several 5-6 week sessions throughout the school year. There are also summer sessions and morning sessions offered to students who are unable to fit the course into their normal school day schedule.

Prerequisite: 30 hour Pennsylvania State approved Driver Education course.

Important Information for Parents and Teens– from PennDOT

Driving is a complex activity – it involves putting together multifaceted evaluations, split-second decision making and performing intricate maneuvers. It’s important for teen drivers to develop and maintain the proper attitude about driving. Remember – driving is a privilege, not a right. And, it’s important for parents/guardians to start an open dialogue with their teen about safe driving skills before they turn 16, set a good example and consider establishing a parent /teen driving contract. Click here to view a sample of this contract and more safety tips for teens and parents. The website also includes information on passenger and license requirements that went into effect in 2011, and are important reminders for parents and young drivers alike.

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