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The Lehigh Career and Technical Institute is an extension of the home school. The various programs offered are an integral part of the curriculum of the home high school. Students who take a Lehigh Career and Technical Institute program have the option to go for a full or a half day. Half day students continue to take their required academic subjects at the home school during one-half of the school day and attend LCTI the other half-day for their specialized career program. Students choosing the full day option would get their academic classes at LCTI as well as their specialized career program.

Diplomas awarded at graduation are given only by the home school and not LCTI. Lehigh Career and Technical Institute does, however, present a certificate to each graduating student who has successfully met LCTI standards. Lehigh Career and Technical Institute graduates also receive a listing of competencies completed in their skill area.

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LCTI Admissions Process

Interested students must consult their home school counselor concerning specific entrance procedures. Since the selection of a high school program is a very important decision which should be made only after an evaluation of all information, it is imperative that parents actively assist the student in the selection of a high school program. Parents are urged to contact the career and technical counselor at 610-799-1366, if they have any questions regarding specific vocational-technical programs.

The home school counselor and the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute Student Services staff will review all applications in light of the student’s past record and potential for success in specific programs.

For further information about the programs offered visit the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute website.

Career Academy Program

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute (LCTI) operates an alternative education program that serves at-risk and potential dropout students from each of the nine (9) member Lehigh County school districts. The program will meet the requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Education Alternative Education Disruptive Youth Programs. The program stresses the following:

  • Full-day program with a low teacher-to-student ratio.
  • Integration of academic and career and technical skills.
  • Comprehensive student services. However, there is no mental health component.
  • Comprehensive and personalized career preparation options.
  • Comprehensive Behavior Modification Counseling.
  • Integration of School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program.
  • Life skills and attitude development through community service and participation in Career and Technical Student Organizations.
  • Completion of graduation requirements.

The mission of the alternative education program shall be to provide an alternative educational setting in which students have an opportunity to be successful, having been unable to do so in traditional settings. Success is defined as reintegration into a participating school program at an appropriate grade level or graduation from high school. With an emphasis on behavior modification and personalized educational preparation, targeted students shall have the opportunity to acquire the necessary interpersonal and employability skills to function as responsible and contributing members of society while completing educational coursework to meet graduation requirements.
Students shall gain admission based on an inability to conform to basic school rules, poor school attendance, and the historical criteria of low academic achievement. Compliance with Act 30 guidelines must be demonstrated during the application process. For the safety of all students attending LCTI, students with a history of committing violent acts will not be enrolled in the program. Students shall be jointly admitted by LCTI and participating school/district personnel. The alternative education program course offerings are regular education. Special Education students take regular education classes with itinerant learning support or itinerant emotional support provided by the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit (CLIU) #21. Students enrolled in academic or technical courses must be capable of success when provided appropriate supplementary aids and services available in the alternative education program.

A mandatory preadmission conference shall be held for each student seeking entry into the alternative education program. The conference shall include:
1. Parent/Guardian and, as applicable, social service involvement.
2. During the conference, the student’s complete school record and other pertinent information must be disclosed to the LCTI representative. At the conclusion of the preadmission conference, a determination will be made whether the alternative education program is a viable option for the student.

The alternative education program shall be based on an expectation of student progress, leading to one (1) of the following:

  1. Reintegration into a participating school program based on a semi-annual evaluation.
  2. Graduation from a participating school.

Disenrollment from the program may occur when unexcused absences from students exceed thirty-five (35) days in a school year. Disenrollment from the program may also occur when it is determined that progress is not being made or that a different learning environment is necessary to meet the student’s needs.

DCO Program

Diversified Career Occupations (DCO) is a program offered through Lehigh Career & Technical Institute (LCTI). Twelfth grade students in good standing and on track for graduation may be released from school for half days to work in entry-level positions while earning high school credit. Student performance and progress are monitored through weekly meetings with the LCTI School To Work Coordinator.  Students are required to secure employment in a setting that meets the requirements of the program and employment must remain uninterrupted to continue in the program.  Enrollment is determined through an application process prior to the start of the twelfth grade year.

Dual Enrollment

Beginning 2006-2007, Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) and Emmaus High School have partnered together to offer Dual Enrollment courses. This program enables students who have achieved certain academic standards to take one or more college courses while still in high school. Students participating in Dual Enrollment can earn transferable credits for each course taken and also work toward meeting high school graduation requirements. Courses are taught at the high school during the regular school day. Courses are taught by qualified high school teachers serving as an LCCC adjunct instructor or by an LCCC faculty member. Faculty teaching Dual Enrollment courses are required to meet the hiring standards of LCCC’s accrediting agency.

Taking advantage of this post-secondary experience will not only jump start your college career, but will also give you the opportunity to earn transferable credits while you are in high school. The cost for Dual Enrollment courses taught in sponsoring high schools by high school faculty is $30 per credit or $90 for a three credit course. The application fee is waived for Dual Enrollment students.

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