Naviance allows EHS students to look at career and post-secondary options in various ways.  The careers section in Naviance includes information on a large array of careers, the skills and abilities needed for a particular occupation, information on wages, related college majors, and related occupations. Students can use the assessments in Naviance to help find and explore possible career paths.

Naviance can be accessed by clicking on this link. Students sign in using the single sign on option with their email address and password. Parents/guardians can set up their own accounts to view their students’ accounts and are then able to interact with some portions of their students’ accounts. If you are a parent/guardian and would like to set up your account, please contact your student’s School Counselor to receive an access code.

Students are encouraged to use Naviance for:

  • Exploring and learning more about possible careers as well as the preparation and planning needed for different careers.

  • Exploring different post-secondary schools through the search features and colleges’ information in the system if they plan to continue on to a post-secondary institution.

  • Taking assessments to learn more about themselves and possible career paths based on those assessments, as well as complete reflections in Schoology for their Career Readiness portfolios about their results. Assessments include:

    • AchieveWorks Learning and Productivity, where students will learn about their learning style and receive tips on studying based on their results.

    • AchieveWorks Intelligences, which utilizes the Multiple Intelligences theory to give students their top Intelligences based on their results and learn more about themselves and possible careers based on their top Intelligences.

    • AchieveWorks Personality, a personality inventory to help students learn more about themselves and also provide possible career ideas based on a student’s results.

    • AchieveWorks Skills, which will show students their top skill facets based on their answers, as well as skills within the categories, and recommended careers based on their top skills.

    • Career Interest Profiler, a career inventory that provides students with their Holland Trait codes and matches those to possible career pathways.

    • Career Cluster Finder, which will show students top career cluster matches that they can explore based on their results.

    • StrengthsExplorer, where students will be shown their top areas of natural talent and can see related career pathways.

Seniors will utilize Naviance for the post-secondary school supporting document request process. For more information on that, please see our College Planning information and videos on our YouTube channel.

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