College Transcript Request Guide

Guide for Completing a Transcript and Supporting Document Request in Naviance

The Emmaus High School Counseling Department requires students to request required documents supporting students’ applications to colleges electronically.  In order to do this, students MUST add the colleges they have applied to and request transcripts in Naviance. Note: A Transcript Release Form (PDF) must be submitted to the Counseling Office before copies of a transcript can be released. Follow the steps below to add colleges and request your transcript.

  1. Click Colleges tab
  2. Click Colleges I’m Applying To
  3. Click “Add To This List”
  4. Select Type of Application (Find descriptions of the types of college admissions under “pages,” click “types of admissions”)
  5. Check Request Transcript
  6. Click Look-up and add Colleges
  7. Check I Have Submitted My Application
  8. Click Add Colleges at the bottom of the page

Regardless of electronic submission, transcript and recommendation requests require a minimum of 15 school days to process.  If requests are received less than 15 days before the college application deadline, we will not guarantee that the deadline will be met. Reminder: Students applying to Common Application colleges must enter their Common Application email information in the required FERPA form.

Please keep in mind that this is not an automated process, so while the school is closed on weekends and breaks, requests will not be processed.

To view the steps for requesting a letter of recommendation, refer to the “teacher rec guide” under “pages” in Naviance. If you have questions about the application and transcript request process, speak with your counselor.

**Please Note as of the 2009-2010 School Year, SAT and ACT scores are not reported on an Emmaus High School Transcript.  You must send your scores directly from College Board or ACT, respectively. 

For more information, please see our YouTube videos below:

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